Real Bean Education

Who We Are

Real Bean Film Camps and Film Workshops are operated by Real Bean Education. Real Bean Education is a non-profit organization based in Maple Ridge, BC (part of Greater Vancouver).

Real Bean has been running film camps and film workshops since 2005. Originally under the umbrella of Real Bean Entertainment, Real Bean Education was started in 2015 as an off-shoot from Real Bean Entertainment, to separate our educational side of things from our film and events production.

For the past five years, Real Bean Education has been operating as a non-profit organization to provide training, educational resources, and work experiences in film and technology. In addition to film camps and film workshops, Real Bean Education has offered summer work experiences for high school and university students to help them learn software development while working on actual software projects.

At Real Bean Education, it's our goal to provide top-notch training, instruction and learning materials to help middle school, high school and university students learn film making and various facets of technology. Our world is becoming more and more entrenched in technology each day. New platforms for entertainment are emerging every few weeks. And in these industries, your past experience and showcasing your talent goes farther than a degree with nothing tangible to show for it. Our goal is to provide high-quality opportunities for students to create digital media that they can showcase to potential future employers.

What Sets us Apart?

Since day one, 15 years ago, there have consistently been two things that set Real Bean Film Camps, Classes and Workshops apart from most other film training opportunities:

First, Quality. Real Bean Education uses professional equipment that is used on big movie film sets. At our more advanced camps and workshops, we bring in a professional crew, professional actors, or rent industry standard cameras and equipment, to give students the experience of being on a real film set. Working in the film industry, we often come across individuals who attended film school and all of them say the same thing: "What I learned in film school is nothing like what I'm seeing on a real film set." Our goal is to provide students with real practical examples and experience based on our first-hand experience working on major films and TV shows. Unlike many film training programs where their instructors may have attended film school, but they've never been on a large film set.

Real Bean was the first to give high school students an opportunity to work with a high-end cinema camera in one of our film camps years ago.

Second, Cost. Running a film camp or workshop always has costs. Especially when running it well. The cost of venues and locations, the cost of staff, equipment rentals, etc. But, at the same time, our goal is to provide these learning experiences as low-cost as possible. That's why Real Bean Education is a non-profit organization. You won't find any other film training program that offers both the high quality and low cost that our programs offer.

Lead Instructor

Our Lead Instructor, Kyle Lawrence, is a Directors Guild of Canada Director and a member of the International Cinematographer's Guild, Local 669. Kyle has been active in the film industry for over 16 years, and began creating and producing a television series at the age of 16, which was broadcast on TV around the world. Later, Kyle directed and produced two feature films, THE SCARF and LOGAN, along with a handful of short films and a couple web series. In addition to producing and directing, Kyle has worked in various capacities, both on set and in post production, for major feature films like IF I STAY and DEADPOOL 2 and over 250 episodes of television, including SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, and DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. Kyle has been involved in over 25 different film camps, classes and workshops over the years.